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What we do

At Math Bound, we are more than just a Math Tutoring company. We work hard for our students so that Math Doesn't Have To Be A Problem! We work hard to ensure students don't get frustrated with the subject and prevent them from ever believing Math isn't their subject. Our services are subscription based to keep costs low and fixed.

Here's how we help with Math:

Math Help at no Cost!

One catch, students have to show all their work. 

We cannot read minds, therefore we must be able to see the student's thought process. Message us for more info.

Basic Sub

Up to one private session weekly for Math Tutoring.

  • Priority schedule.

  • Flexible session times.

  • Reschedule sessions within the same week at no cost.

  • Math Help at via text and zoom even during finals week.

  • Class test preparation.

Feel more secure knowing someone will be there to help you should you get stuck on questions. Best for students already doing well with Math. 

Unlimited Sub

Unlimited help and private sessions during the week.

  • Priority schedule even during finals week.

  • Flexible session times.

  • Same day sessions.

  • Math Help via text and zoom any day.

  • Test preparation including SAT, AP, GRE, CSET, CBEST...

  • College Guidance.

We'll over prepare you for your class if you help us do the work.

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