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Frequently Asked Questions


At MathBound, we provide students with Math Help and Math Tutoring. We are located in San Diego county and provide Math Help to any student wanting a bit of extra help with Math or with a Math class. The main Math topics we help students with are : Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus. Remember Math Doesn't Have To Be A Problem

 01  What grades do you help with?

We mainly support student in High School and University. However, we will help any student willing and wanting to improve.



 02  How do the services work?

Students can sign up for our membership to receive unlimited Math help! All Math help is provided remotely via zoom. In person help can be given on a case by case basis in the county of San Diego.




 03  What are the costs for services? 

Any student can receive Math Help for free as long as they are willing to learn and put the effort. Our monthly subscriptions have fixed costs ($100 & $200) that save families money but also guarantee better results. 




 04  How much math tutoring should a student have?

This depends on many factors such as current grades, learning style, how fast the student wants to improve. A student that receives instruction 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session is more likely to improve than a student that meets once a week for 90 consecutive minutes. We suggest to meet with the professional before committing. Some students may not need tutoring and may only need to see a different approach to learning math. 



 05  At what times can sessions be scheduled?

The best time to schedule Math tutoring sessions will be after 4 pm. However, students should seek help the moment they get stuck, before frustration kicks in, and before the interest is lost. 

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