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Frequently Asked Questions


At MathBound, we provide students with MathHelp and Math Tutoring in San Diego to any student wanting help learning math or with a Math class. Any student wanting Math Tutoring, regardless of economic status, may receive help on topics such as Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, or Calculus. We're here to help students in San Diego and across the United States with Math Tutoring. 

 01  What grades do you help with?

We mainly support student in High School and University. However, we will help any student willing and wanting to improve.



 02  How do the services work?

Schedule 1 on 1 sessions and pay as you go per session or sign up to be a monthly subscriber and receive unlimited help! Math Tutoring can be done remotely online or in person. In person Math Tutoring in San Diego county only.




 03  What are the costs for services? 

Individual online sessions have a cost of $25 dollars per 30-minute session. In person sessions have a cost of $75 per hour. Monthly Subscription has a $200 cost for unlimited sessions via online.  




 04  How many sessions a week should I have?

Depends on the student. Some students only need to change their approach toward Math and wont require weekly meetings. Other students may require continuous Math Tutoring to get them up to speed in the class. A student at an F, D or C might want to consider meeting with us 2 or 3 times a week to start. Students at an A lever should consider starting with 2 times a week but staying communicated with us for any questions. 




 05  At what times can sessions be scheduled?

The best time for Math Tutoring will be after 6 pm. Depending on the student's availability we may also schedule between 9am and 4pm.

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