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Image by Bozhin Karaivanov

About US

Mission: To make a positive impact in the lives of those who don't believe they can excel in Math.

Vision: To see a majority of students meeting or exceeding Math Standards throughout our country's 50 states.

Our Values


Speed is crucial in learning. Students who receive help fast don't become frustrated. Students who work with speed will make lots of mistakes at first but will be exposed to lots of different problems and topics than other students giving them the more opportunities to learn and gain experience that will prove indispensable during exams. 


Math, aside from being a useful skill, helps students become great at following directions and building character. Just like any sport that requires practice to hone and improve your skills Math is exactly the same way. It will require you to follow directions, make mistakes, learn from mistakes, and practice different types of problems which will build your character and your understanding of Math topics.


We love Math and love teaching it. Although you may not love the subject, there are many people you may love who would benefit greatly from you sharing your knowledge with them. Search for opportunities to teach and tutor Math to your siblings, your class mates, or other students. Teaching the Math you know will help other students be better in the subject but more importantly it will also help you improve in Math in ways that are unimaginable.

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