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Rules of Exponents / Logs

Learn about the rules of exponents, rules of logs, and how to use them in different types of scenarios that you may encounter during a Math Test. 


Simplifying / Solving Equations

Learn about solving mathematical equations and the rules for simplifying equations into simpler ones that can be solved more easily. 


Graphing Functions

Learn about the different types of functions, their parent graphs, and the many different types of shifts, movements, vertices, and how to manipulate such gra


Quadratic Equations

Learn about quadratic functions, how to solve them, graph them, manipulate them. Learn also about the different tools that you may utilize to solve such equations such as completing the square, quadratic formula, and factoring.


Exponential / Logarithmic Functions

Learn about the natural occurring functions, how they grow and behave, their key points, asymptotes, domain and ranges. Learn about how these functions are related. 

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